The Reality Of Poker Games Being Rigged – READ HERE

The Reality Of Poker Games Being Rigged - READ HERE

Are online poker games like เล่นเกมได้เงิน rigged or rigging the room? Here is a question that might have been stuck in your mind for a while now. Let us be frank, people do not like losing at poker, but not everyone can be a winner. So the normal response is that someone is cheating on them when players take a pounding, a poor beat, lose to a one-outer, or are on a continuous downswing. It has been found that online individuals get far more bad beats than in live poker. This is natural, considering that online poker is much quicker to play. In the simple case of a single player playing four full ring tables, No-Limit Texas Hold’em, he would play five to ten times more hands in one hour than if he were sitting at a casino. Another explanation of why bad beats happen more is that online players are not afraid to make dumb decisions. Behind their avatar’s anonymity, no one can see or remember them.

Bad beats will now occur 5 to 10 times more often in this player’s case. Too many bad surprises are making people wonder if poker is rigged on the internet.

Because bad beats cause such a dreadful amount of mental pain in our brain, it is understandable that people get so upset and doubt the credibility of online poker rooms when they take too many of them. What is difficult to realize for most of us is that there will still be times of really poor luck. Randomness is like that: real random events do not seem random because this is how pure chance arises, not in a completely smooth way, but with ‘patterns.’ Nothing related to rigged games.

For Poker Rooms to Rig the Game, is it worth it?

Online Poker is, for the most part, still a rather uncontrolled setting. One may wonder why we should trust poker sites and not assume that online poker is rigged because finance is so much more regulated than online poker. One conspiracy theory is that the poker rooms tweak the odds in favor of poor players against good players. This is a way to keep them playing online longer and earn more rakes, as fish will lose their money too easily.

This stratagem would be very difficult and risky to execute, despite its ability to justify bad beats. It needs to be very advanced, profiling players between fish & regulars and fine-tuning the odds precisely but not too much to avoid alerting observer players and auditing firms, as the software that enables this program to run. Notice that all reputable poker rooms are audited periodically by their random number generator.

Moreover, it would be risky to rig the cards because data about this machination could be leaked by mistake or by someone involved. The price, including fines and loss of credibility, for rigging the poker software would be way too high. As online poker is so lucrative, it can be argued that the chance of unfair games being offered by poker rooms is not worth the reward.

Finally, this is why poker rooms are only recommended with a flawless record of delivering fair games in a healthy atmosphere and good work ethics. They are not rigged, either.